Organizations tend not to realize they are failing. Reviewing a few concepts can assist you in turning around the organization. Complacency, Internal Conflict, Errant Leadership, High Employee Turnover, if left unmitigated can ultimately doom an organization. 


Capitalizing on your strengths and converting them into positive earnings, both in tangible results and internal growth. Continuous improvements can support this activity, controlling for those issues that have negative impact on your organization. 

Analyze the causes that promote or hinder your organization. Look at your organization’s performance, both strengths and weaknesses.  Review the numbers, internal and external influences, and variances.  The results of this analysis could help you determine what may have caused your unique situation and what you must do to correct it. Remember, as you move on to the next threshold, you start eliminating or mitigate the causes.

Help you understand trends and ideas that are in your data to see  value in the information you have.

Stabilized & Sustaining

Organizational Cycle